“Crowdfunding, fundraising and outsourcing ” in one bottle “”

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    I, Admin of the site https://v-p-partiya-dostizheniya-czeli.ru need – create three campaigns on the platform – the platform of its website.

    After thoroughly examining the interface and conditions for the implementation of the campaign ( the account form ) to approximately 50 international companies the World of crowdfunding – fundraising – outsourcing, I realized that none of them is suitable for the collection of funds for the implementation of my Idea Project.

    One of the companies need to have a Bank account in the country where the company resides. And to open an account to collect funds, you need to have your company for manufacturing something or rendering any services. Other companies do not include country – the Russian state – the Russian Federation among the countries whose citizens may be founders of a campaign to raise funds for their Ideas. Other companies do not allow the Creator of a multimillion-dollar campaign to the target audience until the campaign Creator will not collect the fourth part of the desired amount of gathering ( “little” blackmail ).

    I’m not even talking about Russian companies. At the mere mention the explanation of the Essence of my Idea – Project, the administrators of all the companies begin to “write with boiling water” and, with urgency, running to the closet!!! The categorical refusal to open accounts for fear of losing job. However, one administrator enrolled to my friends in private in one of the social networks.

    1. Outsourcing campaign.

    Raising funds to create a virtual layout of the gadget – a device that allows the clock to monitor the so-called ” servants of the People “.

    Estimated charge amount: up to 30.000 $.

    – A list of properties that should have this gadget device. ( There are real, unreal, fantastic suggestions and advice. )

    – The establishment of a Commission of experts from this area. to evaluate the contribution of the participants of this campaign and payment for their work and services. Payment to members of the Commission of experts ( 3 – 5… ) people:- the $5,000.

    The list of payment systems for fundraising campaigns outsourcing:

    WebMoney WMZ 717556088764
    WMR 425841756672

    PayPal user Contemplator24@yandex.ru

    Яндекс.Деньги 410012691648386

    The site moderator will post screenshots of the receipt of funds on each attribute of the payment system of the 1st day of each subsequent month of the campaign Outsourcing.

    The list of properties of the gadget – device.

    – Ergonomics ( convenience of wearing this device on the human body ).

    – Proofness ( water vapor up to + 120 degrees ( a dry heat sauna, where you gave up and “died” listening “bugs – worms” and where this occurred, mainly, the corrupt and conspiratorial transactions between so-called clans – elites of the USSR – RF )). This story is a longtime friend who served in KGB – FSB. Not sure how things stand now on the improvement of this machinery.

    – Availability of audio – video devices and media devices recorded information ( 24 – 36 hours ).

    – ability to locate and reference to the location of this gadget – device ( billing ). Or the availability of GPS devices GLONASS.

    – connected to PC or laptop for downloading information to a personal website without breaching gadget – device ( Bluetooth or other “cloud” technology ).

    2. A crowdfunding campaign.
    ( The estimated amount of fundraising – 50 thousand $ )
    – raising funds for the realization of the virtual layout of the gadget – device in the real layout in Russia . Because the production of the layout for the border of Russia and shipping it to Russia threatens unpredictable consequences. An example is an elderly citizen of Russia, interested in various gadgets – devices. He wrote on the Internet, Google -Eyes, in my opinion, is from Japan. As a result, when passing through customs, this gadget device was recognized as a spy special device and a citizen got two years court probation.

    Fundraising, unfortunately, is intended for the purchase of CHIP – s and other electronic parts, units, the gadgets, made in China. I was surprised and discouraged by the episode that was shown on the Federal TV channel, when Medvedev, a lover of gadgets of all sorts, presented a mobile phone of domestic production. The President “great” country presses on the buttons, and they do not dig into the body of the phone. On the question of the President: – ” That the touch? “. The presenters replied, ” No, it’s just a plastic mockup……. “. To another question the President about what parts of the domestic mobile phone, of course, national? What represents a “domestic” mobile phone, in my opinion, the First Deputy Prime – Minister ( ? ) Sergei Ivanov, without a shadow of shame and disgrace on her face, said CHIP-s and most of the e-filling ( “domestic” ) this phone is bought in China!!!

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